Amibroker Programming

  •  Looking to make Trading System or custom Indicator ?

  •  Looking to Explore or Scan your Trade Setup from Thousand of Symbols ?

  •  Looking to Backtest Your Trading System Profitability ?

Amibroker AFL Programming

  • Trading System

  • Custom Indicators

  • Exploratins/Scans

  • System Backtesting

  • Afl Conversion from other languages

  • Custom Developments

Amibroker AFL to Native C/C++ DLL Conversion

Want to share your Trading System, Without Sharing its Logic or Calculations ?

Features :-

  • Hide System Logics
  • More Complex Programming
  • Safest way to Distribution

Amibroker DLL License Protection

Make Money from selling your Trading System.

Features :-

  • Authorise Amibroker DLL
  • Web Base Admin Panel to Control Users
  • Login Application
  • PC Hardware Protection
  • Can Set User Expiry Date

Working Procedure

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