Trading System Development

“ You Think, We Make

Your Idea, Our Technology “

We all here to make Money and its not easy to make Money in Financial Markets.
Financial Markets are one of Fastest way to Make Money and Fastest way to loose Money Also.
You Need to Decide on which Side you wants to be.

Why we need any Trading Strategies?

  • Human are Smartest Species in this World. One of the reason behind it, we Follow System for doing our Work.
  • If We Trade without Any Plan or System, Then there is no chance to be Success.
  • Trading in Financial Markets is a Business. Before starting this Business we Need to Make a Plan.
  • Our Trading Strategies are helpfull for Us to not take any Emotional or Impulsive Decision.

what Is Trading System?

Trading System is a Set of Rules. Which we fix at the Time of Making it.for Making a Basic Trading System some Rules is Require.


Position Size for Risk Management.


Conditions for taking Entry in Trade.


Exit from Trade in limited loss. It is known as StopLoss.


Exit from Trade after taking Profit.

In Advance Trading System we use more Complex Rules and Parameters.
if You think your Trading System is Profitable, then it is Advisable to do Backtesting.
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Development Process

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